being peg bundy


yes i adore her, yes i will be just like her! =)
yea i will cook meals with a cigarette between my lips, yes i will love my husband like forever and i will make him pay for being with me! =)

beside the jokes, peg bundy is unique, fun, beautiful and dandy! a little bit disgusting maybe, but i think it is ok! everyone is a little bit disgusting. at least she has leopard printed tights =) dont you think so?




p.s.: this photo is like 2 years old... i was wearing stupid clothes to make my friends laugh.
it turned out to be a weird fashion show =)

belt & necklace / vintage
everything else is from local stores

illustration is from

open library

just the mass designing...
first step i can say.

to see someone beautiful die...

...makes you feel weird.
she died last night, brittany murphy.


she was so young...
she was so beautiful...


skip wednesday?

my project jury is in this week, on this wednesday...

dont wanna hear their public humiliation kinda words about the project and about my presentation and me myself. from head to toe. oh it is just sooo nightmarish, i even cant get no sleep because of it.
i know my project and my presentation will be a handful of shit, coz there's so small amount of time but huuugeee buildings to design and solve and urban design decisions to take.
if i'd believed that crying would solve the problems and make me get away from this wednesday aka 'execution day' safely, i'd cry! but hell no, there's no turning back, no escaping!

ahhhh, if any of you think about taking architecture classes in the future, my adviced would be ''DONT''! yep, dont take that classes, dont do projects, dont think of even anything, see life in the easiest way. live your life! let other people plan things for you, let other people gone bald because of thinking... you just live your life! that's my advice.

architecture sucks! i hate it! it fucked up all my life!
since 5 years, i think about on literally everything. every small piece to every huge stuff. it is messing my mind and my mind is now shutting down i am serious. i think i am going mad!
i hate urban design, i hate restoration or any other historical stuff, i hate designing museums all the f*ing time, i hate big concrete walls and slopes and stairs and big glass façades. i hate designin even a bulb and in a building. even, i hate designing my presentation sheets' thickness and the thickness and colour of the border line around it.

i hate architecture! if you have any small thought on being an architect, that means forgetting your life and friends and lover and family. that means you cant stop being a jerk all your lifetime, coz people around you will always say that you see every detail differently from them. that's true. you're gonna see everything. every little mistake in everywhere, every bad design and every ignorance person will make you go mad. people around you will be totally cool about life but nah you wont, you will never.

so dont be an architect!

it is the best curse ever!

your hair will go white quicker, your wont be able to see in front of your nose and you'll have a hunchback because of the responsibilities on your back.

wishlist for 2010!

i dont care if santa or someone else brings one of those to me.
not referred to anyone =)
...'whoever considers or feel responsible to' i can say.

here's my wishlist for new year!

that bebe heels or at least something like that. =)
i guess they're from last seasons so i cant find them.
taghrid sells it from here but unfortunately it is not my size...

dinsko or topshop or from whatever label it is, fishnet heels.
i cant stop staring at them!

these dinsko boots are my all time favourite!
but hear what they say on their site,
'orders and deliveries can be made only in Sweden.'
anyone has a friend living in sweden right now?

black and cream lace dresses, both.
i still cant find the beautiful ones,
so i am not uploading any photos of crap dresses here =)

acid wash grey skinny jeans.
i cant find any of them,
when i find ones, they dont worth buying.
i want that kind of one that betty wears.
it from miss selfridge but sure it is not in the stocks anymore! =(

i want anything that sequined, zipped, ripped, studded!
i guess this one is so general...whatever...

i want perfect red flats and heels and boots, all of them!
since 4 years, i couldnt find the perfect ones for me =(
and yeah, no photos...
so lets pass to the 8th one!

need a hairdresser who doesnt wear weird shirts with red roses on it.
well it bugs me coz they look so weird and cut crap hair.
my hair looks crap!

i need some answers for my life,
it is now obvious that i cant find the answers
and i started seeing myself as i am not able to get over many things,
and i dont know if i should do that, too.
i dunno if anyone can give me the answers that i need,
but maybe a magic-8-ball might be a little helpful,
coz since i've lost mine, i am lost too.

i want my project to be done,
but i dont wanna do it myself =(
so santa or whoever i am referring to, would you draw it for me? and, if i find it in my flash disk as in pdf format,
ready to be plotted, i'd be glad =)
i am a good kiddo, i always was and i promise i always will be,
i'll do the model =)

simple past

i took this one 2 years ago.
i still dont know how i got that blue light in my small room in the midnight.
coz actually the real light in my room is yellowish.


well, i am upset that i broke down my camera 2 weeks ago. i have totally cool outfits and new belongings these days and now i dont have a camera to take photos.

i hope i will hand in my project succesfully in 23th of january. then i'll buy a new better camera for better shoots. wish me luck!

necklace used as a headband & rings/ from my grandma's closet
dark green linen shorts / from a local store
sequin tie / flea market

fixing blog up!

tomorrow i am fixin this blog up. bigger photos and a better simple functional layout.
it is exciting. but i gotta sleep now...


one of my everyday looks... it is boring.




shoes / zara
jewelery & studded belt / koton


it is love!

my steve madden heels. i love them too much that i cant even wear them outside =)
this one is 3 years ago i guess... i used to be a redhead. well... it is hard to be a redhead after platinium blonde. i suggest you never try that out. =)


far away

unfortunately i broke down my camera and i'm gonna hand in my last project 7 weeks later so i got huge work to do...
thats why i am away and i'll be away and my clothes will be away.
i am gonna be a boring person in these weeks, more than i ever was... i am sorry.

but i'll be super duper back, i can say. =)

(peaches - i dont give a fuck)

photos no.1-2 / dilovası - project area
photo 3 / model of the concept of the atelier design

quote & proof

In matters of style, swim with the current;
in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson

storm took me!



denim vest!
you know, i know, she knows, he knows, eveybody knows that the denim is the word =). it is not a secret anymore!
...and i dont wanna start with the lace-up boots. they are the new black!

well, i both have them for a long time. so count me as an innocent. =)


denim vest / have it more than 10 years
vintage gold chain / second hand
black mini dress / afrodit
light pink princess top i'd say =) / mango
80's brown heavy lace-up boots / my granddad's store
polkadot tights / penti

ps. by the way my project goes shitty. i hate architecture 50 times a day, and then love it again and again...

dont tell wonder woman what to wear!



one of my best tshirts ever!
i bought it this summer,
my mom kept insisting on me to not to buy it,
because well she is so aristocrat =)

and she really doesnt want me to wear a tshirt that
has a nearly naked lady on it whose legs are wide open.
yes, she really said that,
and no, i'm not exaggerating the scene.
it was real!

wonder woman tshirt / dc comics
high waisted black shorts / 80's, my aunt's olds
blue fabric belt / 80's, piece of an old dress
bolero / 80's, my aunt's olds
polkadot tights / penti
brown booties / a local store

oh chanel, tie me up!




one of my favourite outfits. i stuck with it, i mean i wear this combination 3 times in a winter period.

today sun made my day. since a week or two it's been raining and the weather was all grey. it makes me feel sick. i dont like grey weather, especially when i need to study. it keeps me down. so well, today, i feel like working really hard on my project. so i gotta go... it's just only 6 days left...see you guys!




wine-red mary janes / pier lucci
knitted sweater / mudo
white striped linen shirt / so old, dont remember from where
black skinny jeans / coll
chanel bag / vintage
knitted black collar / second hand

that dress!

i wanted it so much...
really cheap... adorable...
but i had no money in my pockets nor in the bank that day...

well isnt this is life?
when you find an adorable dress you dont have the money,
when you have the money, you damn cant find a nice dress... =(

it's been 3 years but i'm still missing this dress.
i love you dear dress. come find me pleeeeaaseee =)

haaaave you met...

HUMANIC shoes?
i met these shoes by seeing them in a lovely girl's outfit. this lovely girl is jana from

i'm in love with this boots but i also fell for another two...

god, i love shoes!

stressed down

i'll be gone for a little while i guess...
i got only 9 weeks to finish my project...

i just want this term to be ended so soon. i wanna close my eyes just for a second n when i wake up, i dont wanna see projects around me anymore. big big sheets of paper... to many drawings... huge designs... i hate them!

i hate architecture 50 times a da then i end up loving it...
how can?

double belt-ing


i always like wearing double belt. i dont know why but since high school, i do it all the time.
i cant help myself about it. =)

today i started my day with shoutings n fights but yeah, sun is on the top, sooo i am happy.
i got lots of work to do with my project, n i'm still spending away my day with photo shooting.

i hope you have a nice weekend coz i know i wont. =)
so have fun for me then. bye!
lace bodysuit / my aunt's olds -80's
cream tricot dress with gold handwork in front of it / mudo collection
black knotted belt / piece of an h&m dress
black leather belt / vintage
black and gold box-bag / flea market
boots / a local store

i change everyday

i love this place. uncanny but somehow alternative, that's why it attracted me. took meaningless photos with a friend of mine.
this one is 2 years ago...
these were the first times that i'd started wearing heels.

leopardy heels from zara.

behind the scenes:
it took 4 hours for me to decide to buy these shoes. after 4 hours i left the shoes and walked out of the door of the store. salesmen were like going mad at me. but what can i do, i am really bad about deciding when i am alone in a store. anyways... at that moment when i took my first step outta that door i suddenly turned back and ran to take the shoes from the shelf and went to the pay desk and bought them. my first love you'd guess. =)
heels / zara
top / h&m
glasses / vintage

suspension without suspense

The pessimistic protection plan
Moderation loving
I've been hardened by the circumstance
We knew this was coming

We get so far
And then it just starts rewinding
And the same old song
We're playing it again
Suspension without suspense
Intentions without intent
But I don't want the love we have to end


ska'n'daal describes themselves as a czech ska band from Hradec Králové. SkA'N'DaaL music ensemble is an young group trying to set up their own music way in the big Off-beat jungle. Inspired by both past and recent music genres we are breaking the limits of traditional two-tone and ska by overcoming to reggae and jazzy areas, offering you a bit different bite of this joyful and ever-dancing ska-pie.

love this song called 'voda' from ska'n'daal. i hope you love the band too coz they rock.

part time lover

i like stevie wonder yet i am not that into 80's but still love this song, it is fun.
i guess i love it because it can be covered into something ska.

ska forever!


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