maintenance for... my fffffffffigure

i took many photos but
i am so not posting a thing till i lose weight again.
it is so much annoying to see myself that huge in the photographs,
i feel depressed.
and the bad thing about it is that,
i am not allowed to eat anymore sugar,
-coz i am on a diet-
so that means i am not allowed to feel depressed,
coz when i feel depressed, i eat sugar.
i know i musnt eat anything junk,
and thats also stressful.
and it also means that i am not allowed to stress,
coz stress makes me sick physically,
so i dont know what i should do...
i already gave 3,5 kilos,
hope this works like that for the next 3 weeks,
so i can be 48 again.
good old 48.
you were wonderful.


by the way, this is me painting a wall n lookin like shit and here's a potato. thank you.


this is how i look:

this is how i feel:
i wanted to turn back to the hood like a freaking
dave grohl after nirvana,
but instead i ,now, do it like britney spears.
ok, maybe worse, like spice girls without geri.
wow, how terrible was that.

the pic and the thing about that is,
i gained 8 kilos, haha HAHAHA ha!
not that funny,
i hate it!
people tell me i look gorgeous but
i think i look like a huge 'gorgeous' hippo,
i need somebody to catch me and
put me in a friggin diet cage,
if something like that exists...

nothing in my damn wardrobe,
literally NOT-A-THING, fits...
i panic every morning in front of the good old
loyal wardrobe of mine...

sorry people. i got annoying again.

by the time if you want some info about
what i did the whole summer,
first of all, got rid of my
what ever they were,
i just kicked them out,
they now just haunt me in my dreams.
totally harmless, yeaahhh!

i worked, even in the weekends,
got an awesome happy vacation.
but of course i am a very 'lucky' person,
i dropped my camera into the sand on the first shoot.
thats why i dont have any photos about
the best summer of my life.
i am broke but i am happy.


thats it for now.
i dont know if anybody's out there reading my shite,
i'm so bored of this clothes thing...


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