Another No

i dont know how we got here?
drinking together
searching for the youth we lost
another potatoe chips, mushrooms come, drinks come and get.
we get what we get
she talks she doesnt sound like she's nuts.
anyone's hearing what she just...? she's winning the break up!

he is smiling everyone's laughing.
what's wrong with you people?
they were the ones thats gonna cut each other up into fucking pieces in the last months.
i decide
as an architect, i design the moment again
god what up?
i clear everyone up

eveyone stop!
girl please shut up!
stop this damage called life.
i count
two now...she is winning the break up

stop now! the wall clock's working...
stop now' the potatoes are burning...
stop my blood running
in my veins.
stop you talkin to my boyfriend!
now where's my fucking ring?
if i left it behind against my dad
now where's my fucking wings?
where am i standing seriously in this nightmare?
my wings flap as they clap your laughter, full of sins
and no i cant stop time
and no i cant

i have no friends
i have no second chance
i have no time to stop this time
i have no courage
and no wings
i only have no's to see what i all have
this is what i have

and no i cant stop time...

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

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