i change everyday

i love this place. uncanny but somehow alternative, that's why it attracted me. took meaningless photos with a friend of mine.
this one is 2 years ago...
these were the first times that i'd started wearing heels.

leopardy heels from zara.

behind the scenes:
it took 4 hours for me to decide to buy these shoes. after 4 hours i left the shoes and walked out of the door of the store. salesmen were like going mad at me. but what can i do, i am really bad about deciding when i am alone in a store. anyways... at that moment when i took my first step outta that door i suddenly turned back and ran to take the shoes from the shelf and went to the pay desk and bought them. my first love you'd guess. =)
heels / zara
top / h&m
glasses / vintage

suspension without suspense

The pessimistic protection plan
Moderation loving
I've been hardened by the circumstance
We knew this was coming

We get so far
And then it just starts rewinding
And the same old song
We're playing it again
Suspension without suspense
Intentions without intent
But I don't want the love we have to end


ska'n'daal describes themselves as a czech ska band from Hradec Králové. SkA'N'DaaL music ensemble is an young group trying to set up their own music way in the big Off-beat jungle. Inspired by both past and recent music genres we are breaking the limits of traditional two-tone and ska by overcoming to reggae and jazzy areas, offering you a bit different bite of this joyful and ever-dancing ska-pie.

love this song called 'voda' from ska'n'daal. i hope you love the band too coz they rock.

part time lover

i like stevie wonder yet i am not that into 80's but still love this song, it is fun.
i guess i love it because it can be covered into something ska.

ska forever!

fashion fail

it is not raining, it is pouring!

rain is just a blessing for today. i am so 'all day in bed' mood.

about this outfit; it is not a metaphor nor i am inspired. i just thought that it is cool to have parties on friday night then look trash afterwards on saturday all day long.
i dont know... like cuddling big pillows and watching tarkovsky movies. eating trash food. to be alone. singing spice girls karaoke songs and jumping on the bed. sit by the window, watch everything go by.

but i am not gonna spend it indoors of course. waiting for my friend to get out and have fun.

you have fun too. dont miss the chance. there are not much saturdays in one's life. especially when the one is young.

you are so last summer


fall glory everywhere!
reddish and yelowish leaves are everywhere on the ground under our feet with that harsh sound. i wonder why keep sweeping them? it is this fall mess that we call 'scenery', arent i right?




love this reddish orange colour. loved it in last summer, and i still keep falling for it.
people around me keep telling me that summer dresses with light colours wont work with dark tights but hell no! they work. they totally work.




dress / zara
shoes / mango


architects wear black =)





i love how nice dark blue looks on her. i used to hate that colour.

checked shirt / mango
sleeveless body / topshop
jeans / zara
shoes / converse
bag / hard rock cafe
coat / h&m
watch / swatch
belt / vintage

architects have the best parties ever!

14th of october, chamber of architects of Kocaeli bought one of the historical buildings (which used to be a club) in Izmit. we were there discussing architecture and drinking wine as we always do. it is fun when professors are drunk and have microphones in their hands.

dress / bershka
knitwear / mango
shoes / 70's -  my granddad's store
bag / next

it is love when you cant reach it

miss selfridge rocks and i really want these but i cant reach them cause there's no shipping to Turkey. =(

Petites Cornelli Playsuit

Mink Drape Leather Jacket

Grey Quilted Fold Coat

Grey Acid Wash Ruched Skirt

Ecru Allover Stud Day Bag

Denim Pretty Frill Playsuit

Charcoal Pointelle Blazer

Blue Funnel Neck Coat

Black Sequin Mini Skirt

Black Leather Lace Up Boot

grey by chance


it's been a while since i last wore my grey jeans. i miss them.
libra & missnd

grey sleeveless body / h&m
top / zara
without photoshop, this night photos seem crap, i know. i'm still away from my laptop. sorry.
but i'm gonna put this outfit's photos in a better quality. promise.

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