bad suprise & nice surprise

morning couldnt be any better with that warm breeze and sunshine.

but then it started raining like crazy. i hate that kinda weather! well, who doesnt? i got out with sunglasses then suddenly i got wet like a dog! this one was a bad suprise.

the nice suprice was,...
(if you bother reading=))
i'd visited a friend today. we know each other from elementary school, but we hardly see each other since they moved in to a further place. i havent seen him like 3 years or something and he kept insisting on me to come and visit him in his new house because he got a surprise for me. i was wondering what would it be, but he kept it as a secret and never ever told me what his surprise was.
today i just got the right time to learn it i guess.
the surprise was something amazing that i would've could've never ever guessed.
he took me from the bus station with his car. when he stopped the car in front of a house,
he asked ''do you see that house? this is mine.
do you see that one right next to mine?
this is our elementary school teacher's house.''

it was a total shock to me and i got sooo happy because my teacher was just like a mother to me and i hadnt seen her for full 14 years.
we rang her bell, she opened the door, she stopped for a while, i told her my name and she had the shock too. we hugged for minutes. then spent hours drinkin hot tea, eating delicious biscuits, talking about anything that happened in our life, watching our elementary shows from old VHS cassettes and laughing.
i still cant believe she recognized nearly everything about me,
and kept that VHS and the VHS player to watch them. =)
some people are born to be a teacher.=)
it was totally a nice surprise to me and my friend is a f*cking cleverly constructed person. how he managed to keep that as a secret, i really wonder. =)

hope you have some nice suprises in your life, soon as possible. it is good for your heart =) i can say.



white shirt / esprit
turquoise green cardigan / a local store
jeggings / denim co.
socks / a local store
turquoise green heels / deichmann

i cant wait for the weekend to begin


this how i look behind my computer screen in weekdays.
since 2 weeks i've been working 6 days in a week, 12 hours a day...
as you can see, i have no time to do anything.
i wake up at 8, put something on (my clothes are still stayin packed since i moved, because there's no room for my stuff in here, i dont know what to do about it...) then go to work to be there at 9 am.
i work till 9 pm.
i get home about 9:30...then i eat, then i pass out...
this is how it is for now...
and i guess it wont change till september.

the weather is always grey and cold, i work like hell...
office personalities are religious...
architecture design is bad, ordinary...
there's noone to talk to, and no internet...
i stay silent for 12 hours and just sit and draw, draw and draw...
noone smokes, noone drinks tea nor coffee...
noone talks...
i have no time to be alone, too, when i get back home...
i have no time to time or mp3s to listen to music, i have no earphones and i have no time or money to buy them.
yes i am penniless...
no time to dress, and nowhere to go...
i keep carrying my laptop everyday. that's why now, i hate to be in front of a computer, especially my laptop...
next month we'll be in a different office, and it is further than the distance i take every morning, it has no open space to smoke...

it is hard.
but still...
i'm learning somethings about this cliche world of ''architecture''.
.......and i need fucking money.




this is what i just bought just before the day i started working.
i'll wear it tomorrow...for the first time. =)
my only holiday; deary lovely sunday.
friends are coming.
i guess i'll be a rock chick at weekends and be a lovely 'blazer' girl in weekdays.
coz this job really bores me.
and i feel that, chaos gushing out of my chest, tearing my skin!



please tell me fun stuff, i need to hear something fun!

half lace- half flower-patterned cotton top / denim co.

bussiness woman

yep, i started working today.
exhausting trip to the CADland while sitting on your ass like 12 hours...
modern enemy of a modern women; plate-shaped ass... =S

architecture and projects are back again! (horrifying smoke and terror and sudden-scary-music maybe 'whoahahaha'-laugh from background...hmmm...)
days are a little bit depressing,
except the times i think about the money i'm gonna earn =)

but in the last minutes of this boring monday, something made me laugh;
it's the conversation,
between me and lovely blogger jill who catches stylish people in london streets.
you should check her blog if you've never been there before. it's awesome!

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