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In matters of style, swim with the current;
in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson

storm took me!



denim vest!
you know, i know, she knows, he knows, eveybody knows that the denim is the word =). it is not a secret anymore!
...and i dont wanna start with the lace-up boots. they are the new black!

well, i both have them for a long time. so count me as an innocent. =)


denim vest / have it more than 10 years
vintage gold chain / second hand
black mini dress / afrodit
light pink princess top i'd say =) / mango
80's brown heavy lace-up boots / my granddad's store
polkadot tights / penti

ps. by the way my project goes shitty. i hate architecture 50 times a day, and then love it again and again...

dont tell wonder woman what to wear!



one of my best tshirts ever!
i bought it this summer,
my mom kept insisting on me to not to buy it,
because well she is so aristocrat =)

and she really doesnt want me to wear a tshirt that
has a nearly naked lady on it whose legs are wide open.
yes, she really said that,
and no, i'm not exaggerating the scene.
it was real!

wonder woman tshirt / dc comics
high waisted black shorts / 80's, my aunt's olds
blue fabric belt / 80's, piece of an old dress
bolero / 80's, my aunt's olds
polkadot tights / penti
brown booties / a local store

oh chanel, tie me up!




one of my favourite outfits. i stuck with it, i mean i wear this combination 3 times in a winter period.

today sun made my day. since a week or two it's been raining and the weather was all grey. it makes me feel sick. i dont like grey weather, especially when i need to study. it keeps me down. so well, today, i feel like working really hard on my project. so i gotta go... it's just only 6 days left...see you guys!




wine-red mary janes / pier lucci
knitted sweater / mudo
white striped linen shirt / so old, dont remember from where
black skinny jeans / coll
chanel bag / vintage
knitted black collar / second hand

that dress!

i wanted it so much...
really cheap... adorable...
but i had no money in my pockets nor in the bank that day...

well isnt this is life?
when you find an adorable dress you dont have the money,
when you have the money, you damn cant find a nice dress... =(

it's been 3 years but i'm still missing this dress.
i love you dear dress. come find me pleeeeaaseee =)

haaaave you met...

HUMANIC shoes?
i met these shoes by seeing them in a lovely girl's outfit. this lovely girl is jana from

i'm in love with this boots but i also fell for another two...

god, i love shoes!

stressed down

i'll be gone for a little while i guess...
i got only 9 weeks to finish my project...

i just want this term to be ended so soon. i wanna close my eyes just for a second n when i wake up, i dont wanna see projects around me anymore. big big sheets of paper... to many drawings... huge designs... i hate them!

i hate architecture 50 times a da then i end up loving it...
how can?

double belt-ing


i always like wearing double belt. i dont know why but since high school, i do it all the time.
i cant help myself about it. =)

today i started my day with shoutings n fights but yeah, sun is on the top, sooo i am happy.
i got lots of work to do with my project, n i'm still spending away my day with photo shooting.

i hope you have a nice weekend coz i know i wont. =)
so have fun for me then. bye!
lace bodysuit / my aunt's olds -80's
cream tricot dress with gold handwork in front of it / mudo collection
black knotted belt / piece of an h&m dress
black leather belt / vintage
black and gold box-bag / flea market
boots / a local store


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