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i change everyday

i love this place. uncanny but somehow alternative, that's why it attracted me. took meaningless photos with a friend of mine.
this one is 2 years ago...
these were the first times that i'd started wearing heels.

leopardy heels from zara.

behind the scenes:
it took 4 hours for me to decide to buy these shoes. after 4 hours i left the shoes and walked out of the door of the store. salesmen were like going mad at me. but what can i do, i am really bad about deciding when i am alone in a store. anyways... at that moment when i took my first step outta that door i suddenly turned back and ran to take the shoes from the shelf and went to the pay desk and bought them. my first love you'd guess. =)
heels / zara
top / h&m
glasses / vintage

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