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wishlist for 2010!

i dont care if santa or someone else brings one of those to me.
not referred to anyone =)
...'whoever considers or feel responsible to' i can say.

here's my wishlist for new year!

that bebe heels or at least something like that. =)
i guess they're from last seasons so i cant find them.
taghrid sells it from here but unfortunately it is not my size...

dinsko or topshop or from whatever label it is, fishnet heels.
i cant stop staring at them!

these dinsko boots are my all time favourite!
but hear what they say on their site,
'orders and deliveries can be made only in Sweden.'
anyone has a friend living in sweden right now?

black and cream lace dresses, both.
i still cant find the beautiful ones,
so i am not uploading any photos of crap dresses here =)

acid wash grey skinny jeans.
i cant find any of them,
when i find ones, they dont worth buying.
i want that kind of one that betty wears.
it from miss selfridge but sure it is not in the stocks anymore! =(

i want anything that sequined, zipped, ripped, studded!
i guess this one is so general...whatever...

i want perfect red flats and heels and boots, all of them!
since 4 years, i couldnt find the perfect ones for me =(
and yeah, no photos...
so lets pass to the 8th one!

need a hairdresser who doesnt wear weird shirts with red roses on it.
well it bugs me coz they look so weird and cut crap hair.
my hair looks crap!

i need some answers for my life,
it is now obvious that i cant find the answers
and i started seeing myself as i am not able to get over many things,
and i dont know if i should do that, too.
i dunno if anyone can give me the answers that i need,
but maybe a magic-8-ball might be a little helpful,
coz since i've lost mine, i am lost too.

i want my project to be done,
but i dont wanna do it myself =(
so santa or whoever i am referring to, would you draw it for me? and, if i find it in my flash disk as in pdf format,
ready to be plotted, i'd be glad =)
i am a good kiddo, i always was and i promise i always will be,
i'll do the model =)

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Great list!

Lovely blog!


Number 2 were awesome! I don't wish for anything, just calm.


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