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skip wednesday?

my project jury is in this week, on this wednesday...

dont wanna hear their public humiliation kinda words about the project and about my presentation and me myself. from head to toe. oh it is just sooo nightmarish, i even cant get no sleep because of it.
i know my project and my presentation will be a handful of shit, coz there's so small amount of time but huuugeee buildings to design and solve and urban design decisions to take.
if i'd believed that crying would solve the problems and make me get away from this wednesday aka 'execution day' safely, i'd cry! but hell no, there's no turning back, no escaping!

ahhhh, if any of you think about taking architecture classes in the future, my adviced would be ''DONT''! yep, dont take that classes, dont do projects, dont think of even anything, see life in the easiest way. live your life! let other people plan things for you, let other people gone bald because of thinking... you just live your life! that's my advice.

architecture sucks! i hate it! it fucked up all my life!
since 5 years, i think about on literally everything. every small piece to every huge stuff. it is messing my mind and my mind is now shutting down i am serious. i think i am going mad!
i hate urban design, i hate restoration or any other historical stuff, i hate designing museums all the f*ing time, i hate big concrete walls and slopes and stairs and big glass fa├žades. i hate designin even a bulb and in a building. even, i hate designing my presentation sheets' thickness and the thickness and colour of the border line around it.

i hate architecture! if you have any small thought on being an architect, that means forgetting your life and friends and lover and family. that means you cant stop being a jerk all your lifetime, coz people around you will always say that you see every detail differently from them. that's true. you're gonna see everything. every little mistake in everywhere, every bad design and every ignorance person will make you go mad. people around you will be totally cool about life but nah you wont, you will never.

so dont be an architect!

it is the best curse ever!

your hair will go white quicker, your wont be able to see in front of your nose and you'll have a hunchback because of the responsibilities on your back.

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Oh Girl, i KNOW THAT FeELING, i study architecture too, i start to hate it, specially those moment when i just get 1 hour of sleep and my professor told than i have TO CHANGE ALL MY WORK, just because he don't like it, and when i start vacations December 23 with 2 project of design and 1 of architectural representation. Ugh!!!


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