mutlaka gidin! hayatınızda görüp görebileceğiniz en iyi sergilerden biri. hem santralistanbul'da olmanın ve tabi ki betona ve çeliğe dokunmanın verdiği hazzı yaşayın, hem de bir sergide aktif izleyici - sanatçı - katılımcı olun.

we live in a beautiful world...

i guess it was the 27th or 28th of june...
sudden rain was beautiful sure
...but what the f is that little pond in my friends' apartment in the center of the city and at an acceptable hour in the daytime? what a f-ing infrastructure!
the worst is to be architechts and to live in spaces like that. it is a pity! it is a shame!

i really hate that... but i couldnt help but say it was fun to swim with the shite anyways. =) i said i love rain is only because it is rain and is only because it is sudden... it washed my depressed soul away for couple of hours. yeah couple of hours, coz every f day someone gets a reason to make me feel stressed. i tell you i probably wont live till 35 or something like that. i care everyone and eveything so much, i care like i am obsessed, no need, right?
i really gotta calm down... i hope a little holiday to get away from these would help...
well, hope kills the mankind...hope keeps it alive...

x-ray lamp

it is dark, it is brutal and it is real...i love it!
makes you smile with some horror on the edge of your mouth.

- Swedish Company Sture Pallarp can turn your X-ray photo's into a lamp! In this way people can see your true self! -

stockholm streets...

City Swings

Made from found materials like wood, car tires, plastic milk crates and rope, two Swedish; Akay and Peter secretly hung 65 swings around Stockholm for everyone to use and enjoy.


i adore design with recycled stuff. we should take out art from inside our trashcans.


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