it'll change sure, it's just 1/500 right now...i have to enlarge the scale to 1/50 n detail within one week... it'll be a little different when i finish it... i got so much work to do...


starring very lovely and beautiful maja casablancas.

Donkeyboy - Ambitions from kristoffer borgli on Vimeo.


i designed a vest, a piece of it going around my neck, made of a piece of fabric which has blue flowers on it... the one that i've been lookin for for a long time. it looks so vintage, isn't it? 
i wish i hadn't lost it that day, i'd really like to keep it...

funny trivia by the way, while i was posing for the camera, one of professors came n asked me what i designed, n i showed him the vest which was on me at THAT moment. he looked up n said 'wow i thought it was your casual'... =) 

i think i always look that way that none of my friends ever recognize my clothes anymore... i dont know if it is good or bad. honestly i love to show off myself, so thats bad for me that noone really sees me anymore. 
what should i do? =) wear ugly or something =) really???? 
i love ugliness anyway.
there's nothing i can do about it i think.

i wish i had waxed my legs haha...
(with a piece of tulle designed by me) haute couture dress with casual jeans. enjoy!

'East meet West'

I love CRAP

vivienne westwood inspired t-shirt design for those who love real crap =)
it is impossible to hate side-revealing =) n i adore lingerie... the way ode to the character naomi on skins! she is fucking great!


okay the thing is LABs_workshop series...(LABs aka Local Architectural Bags...our design team) 
the first step was a total achievement for us n our school. we were the administrators of the workshop, we arranged all the stuff from bringin tea,cleaning up the mess to talk about the real discussion issues on the staple topics. we heard all the yearnings but we heard all the greetings for the effort. it was good. it was great. what can i say. i hope we can do better time after time.

and i couldnt help but took a pic of myself i am really unbelievable about it...=)


designing stuff at outdoors really felt good. especially thinkin that we were kept indoors for like 4 years. i love to be in school. doing stupid things. i just love to be in workshops or take part in design classes that i already took 3 years ago. i am kinda nerd i admit that, i even get used to wear squarepants =) i am serious. i look like a fucking indie brit pop sometimes drink to the hell n get fucked but hey, it is nice to look weird, coz you know we designers always look weird...crap joke.


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