remember the days...

..that it was rude to show off your belongings,
rude to say what brand from your skirt is.
i went to a college primary school and i remember
my teacher telling us those words;
we need to feel like children playing with each other,
whatever our parents were buying for us.
it was a bad thing not sharing,
it was a bad thing to envy,
to crave for some other ones' stuff.
she used to say we are all unique.
we need to find what suits us the most.
she meant choosing a character, choosing a life,
a lifestyle, a family, a dress code, an attitude,
a job, a love.
afterall, it seems like everything we are surrounded by
were there just before us. but literally THEY ARE NOT.
we choose them.
we can change them.

oh how i miss my teacher...

none of us really need a brand name on us to feel confident.
i know this.
people are going crazy after a logo bag. seriously i dont.
everyone knows that too many high street fashion shops
have shitty quality fabrics
and crappy details and
no shapes to wear.
but ''anyway'' we follow what society tells us to do.

the thing is,
i need to turn back to the roots.

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