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rocket heels

i love the story behind this pair.
but i'm not gonna talk about it.
some things should be told face to face with extreme moves of arms n hands. =)

ordinary office days. photos are from 2 weeks ago.
the weather was soo hot for november.


nowadays i am very busy got so much thing to do, even i cant keep up my own schedule, it is so tiring.
i'm sorry, i havent got any time to reply your mails n return missing phone calls. but i of course have these in me mind.. =)
if i manage to finish the project -that i'm working on right now- i'll be as free as a bird this weekend.
will have chance to see my friends n my bf.

grey cardigan / zara
glasses / from a street seller
top / from local marketplace
neon green heels / mango

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Ayakkabilarin rengi ve sekli çok güzel, mango olmasi da pek bi' hos :)


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