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hey everyone! 
(i'm gonna share my hearts with you today)
i miss this view from Moda a couple of months ago, 
the weather was chilly and the tea i drank was tasty, 
my friend is an amazing person for takin me to one of my favourite spots  in Istanbul. 
i wanna thank him so much, 
it was fun and something i totally had been missing for a very long time!

by the way, i need to tell
i got many followers all around Turkey and other countries, i'm loving it!
my followers here seem so little so less
but my visitor counter shows that i got lovely fans who everyday keep up with my blog!
thanks for following my blog. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
i know i upload rarely, kill me, but i've got so little time to do so many things. i am pretty busy.
i wish my days are not 24 hours but 48.
the good news is, i got different ideas for my blog.
but i think i need time to consider every detail about it.
it'll be fun, yet of course if i'll be able to do what i planned. =)
so, yep, wish me luck n keep it up people!



lace top / h&m
trousers / vintage
black ankle-bow flats & black belt / a local store
fedora / gifted
denim jacket / i have it since..umm more than 10 years


this photo is absolutely 'crazy eyes', isnt it? =)

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deniz saatçioğlu

selam, blogunu, Ayşegül'e bıraktığın yorumdan keşfettim. ordaki yorumuma bakarsan blogunun tam bana göre olduğunu anlarsın. :))


izmitte nerelerden alışveriş yapıyosun


ayakkabılarına bayıldım nerden aldığını sorabilir miyim?


teşekkürler. izmitte sıradan bir mağazadan almıştım.


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