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miu miu bags...

i bought 2 miu miu bow bags with all my money. i worked hard for them!
that's all i wanted to say.
no that's not...
i'll buy a pair of vivienne westwood for melissa shoes, a prada and a balenciaga giant partytime bag.
yep, this is a long term plan. =) they are soo f*cking expensive.
i love stuff.
well, we all live in a material world and i am a material girl anyways.
and if i tear my ass all day in work, i assume i have the right to spend it on stuff.

and still i hate my job.

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you really should get a rich hubby/bf.


rich men are unattractive, boring, all the same, tasteless and blah blah =) when i meet some guy and somehow i learn that he's rich, i try to stay away from him.
long story short, they are useless to me.
i like men with really nice stuff. i really mean 'stuff' =) 'things'... i dont care about the money, i care about the style and designed creative stuff. whatever. and my man should totally play golf. =)

this free bird

here's the thing though: buying the stuff you love makes the much hated job slightly tolerable. just think about the bags and shoes until you can find a job you love just a little. xoxo

go get your balenciaga girlfriend!!


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