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just keep me hanging on...

arrrggghh i am sooo bored and sick of this project!
i am tired... i got enough of it!!!


i wanna get up early with sunshine through my window,
cook nice meals with my bf and watch movies,
go shopping, hang around all day and take fashion photos at different places.
i want to meet with my friends, drink and laugh through all night without thinkin anything
like ''how should i do that slope in front of my conference building?
is it wide enough for a 500 people hall?
how will i stand up for a shit project like that in front of the jury?
professors will kill me, i gotta study, i gotta draw...etc etc''...............
it is all like a nightmare.

i just want to be a simple person, away from all these 'planning and judging' thoughts.
i am sooooo tired of this architecture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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selim krg

ayakkabııyı sevdm :D


Lovely blog!


bu LABs e ne oldu. iptal mi ?


LABs biraz dağıldı konsantre olarak. kopuk çalışıyor...
bazen de biraraya geliyor.
kısmet diyelim...=)


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