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lanvin for h&m

exciting ha?
so many romantic pieces we'll see in the stores then.
and yeah i believe it'll be more expensive then the jimmy choo collection for h&m.

last year, people lined up in front of the stores,
bought every piece of the collection, then sold them on ebay for fancy prices.
nothing left in the stores,
we heard women crying over from their blogs =)
this year i guess, it'll be worse =)
same shit, every season!
every season people having lack of sleep because of the 'must have' pieces. it's stupid!

by the way i read topshop ended the collaboration with kate moss.
well, it doesnt change anything i guess, still kate moss is a very inspiring woman.

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Lady Moriarty

I just can't wait, love Lanvin, so elegant !

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this free bird

I love Lanvin, but if there's gonna be hair pullers I can't see myself waiting in line. Seriously...Lanvin is wonderful, but the nonsense of buy and then sell on eBay 10 minutes later gets on my last nerve. If they don't want to keep it for themselves, they should leave it alone.




totally agree with you carrie!

Lady Moriarty

Exciting but it's gonna be war, so i think I won't go !

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