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hello! i'm back again with my best-known annoying fake smiley face =)



i dont know what to tell about my sunday. what can i say, i mean it was good, it was relaxing, it was amazing, it was SUNDAY! i spent it with my bf, this was the most amazing part of it. =)



the thing is i'm soooo blue right now... =(((
coz my boss came back to Turkey this morning 'unexpectedly'. he supposed to be back on next monday. well as you might guess, i was so convinced myself that he'd be back next monday, but fuck, he's back now, and i have to work till 9-10 pm again! everday!
god i'm not ready for it right now.
i feel sick.


i was so happy last week -as you can see even the quarter of my happiness from these photos-,
even my cheeks were pink. but now, i totally look terrible and i really feel sick.
i was gettin used to be free after 7 pm.
aarrghhh last week seems so far away right now...


jeans / gap
shirt & dark-blue button up / from local stores
white hoodie / zara
shoes / flea market
bag / peacocks

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beşinci fotoğrafa bakmaya doyamıyorum. hep böyle poz ver. mankenesk yapay pozlarda orjinal bir ifade olamıyor ama işte o beşinci poz sanki daha sen gibi. yazılarınla daha uyum içinde.

naçizane görüşüm (=

bence böyle yani (=


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