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how not to blog my life

yürüyüş yolundaki simit cafe'de domino oynamanın yasak olduğunu biliyor muydunuz?
biz sizin yerinize öğrendik. =)

soul reaver, libra, tuç

i miss taking photos of almost everything and miss writing here about really unnecessary things. i still havent got my laptop back from service so i have to wait a little while. but by the way i still got the unluck emmy and grammy of this year, whatever... i broke down my camera and my cell phone. so yeah now you know, i hate technology. i wanna live in the middle ages, i wanna be a whore who travels from town to town, kingdom to kingdom, get laid in the forests with some kinda gothic legendary animal and get herpes. i dunno where that came from... hmmmm...
well, i dont wanna be a whore but yeah i hate technology for some reason coz i never got the chance to get the blues about it.

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