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remember the days...

..that it was rude to show off your belongings,
rude to say what brand from your skirt is.
i went to a college primary school and i remember
my teacher telling us those words;
we need to feel like children playing with each other,
whatever our parents were buying for us.
it was a bad thing not sharing,
it was a bad thing to envy,
to crave for some other ones' stuff.
she used to say we are all unique.
we need to find what suits us the most.
she meant choosing a character, choosing a life,
a lifestyle, a family, a dress code, an attitude,
a job, a love.
afterall, it seems like everything we are surrounded by
were there just before us. but literally THEY ARE NOT.
we choose them.
we can change them.

oh how i miss my teacher...

none of us really need a brand name on us to feel confident.
i know this.
people are going crazy after a logo bag. seriously i dont.
everyone knows that too many high street fashion shops
have shitty quality fabrics
and crappy details and
no shapes to wear.
but ''anyway'' we follow what society tells us to do.

the thing is,
i need to turn back to the roots.

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what a cute picture!

bay şapka

soldaki çocuğun elinde şeker paketi var şeker yiyo galiba. hem de böörtlenli olabilir. yüzündeki mutluluk ifadesi bunu gösteriyo. o çocuk böörtlenli şeker yiyo. konuya gelecek olursak evet ikisi de çok tatlı. ama böörtlenli şeker yiyen daha tatlı.


böörtlen ve şapkayla kız kandırmak bitmedi mi tükenmedi mi hala?! =)

bay şapka

ama çocuk böğürtlenli şeker yiyo...

Mandy B

Great post. I'm not one for designer digs just to claim it's designer but I do believe that you get what you pay for. I'll splurge on great pieces cause they're high quality and I know they'll last. You have excellent style by the way. I'm totally envious of those Alexander Wang boots. They're amazing!

Your comment totally made my day. That was so sweet. Thank you. It was so nice waking up to that. If there were comment awards you'd get the gold. I'm so glad you and your boyfriend watched that movie together. How sweet. :)

Nestled in Nostalgia


I've never had a teacher like yours who told us things like that, but it's good I guess to learn values like that.

Eda Guler

Çok doğru! Şu an herkes o kadar çok şeyinden vazgeçiyor ki, toplumun onlardan istediği kişiler olmaları için, çok yazık gerçekten. Hala bununla mücadele edenlerin olduğunu bilmek güzel, mücadele edilecek bir şey haline gelmesi de iç karartıcı tabii.
Umarım güzel bir hafta geçirirsiniz :)

Life's a shoe

great post! I completely agree with you, I hate logo bags too!



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