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long gone

i am the worst blogger out there.
i know.
i suck at many things.
the other things, i just do,
not considering if i was any good at it.

life is weird.
all this time, i only and just learnt that, you cannot fucking stop the life.
you can end yours,
but life just goes on somehow for everyone out there.

what am i sayin?


ruffled linen blouse / a local store
vintage midi skirt  / turned into a miniskirt  in 10 minutes
black suede platforms / topshop


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my mom ever told me,"Turkey girls are absolutely should see them by yourself."

and i do believe it when i saw your're gorgeous..and that simply and nice outfit makes you look so it :)

check out my blog whenever you have a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa


wow! really! thanks =)


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