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i believe that
it will be like the scenes in the movie Back to the Future...
plastic ties n shoes n clothes whatever...
they are fine.
it is the world we live in.
maybe our bags are pretending to be 'not a plastic' one but we are...
even our emotions and ideas are plastic!
even if we want it or not...
no escapin!


...n i wish they soon make this hooverboard thing, too.
before i get old! =)


plastic skull ring / claires
plastic shoes / boyner
shirt / vintage
black skinny jeans / coll.
button-up cardigan / hey


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Dylana Suarez

Your shoes are so wonderful! I love them!

Just came across your blog!



I love your shoes so mutch!^^ They are so cute!


thank you!
really like this combi!

Emily and Abigail

adorable shoes!! Very bold :) Lusting your blog now following you here and on bloglovin'


Love the shoes! They remins me a little of those Vivienne Westwood for melissa ones! :)


yep, they remind of the melissa ones too, thats why i fell in love with these at first sight, lucky me these were really cheap.
incident; when i was at the mall trying these, a woman came down and smiled in an arrogant way while i was trying these shoes, i turned and told her that 'xx store sells these shoes like bout 150$ down the street, it is so IN right now, people around the world go crazy for just one pair'..=))
after a few minutes, there are like 10 women trying to grab two for them each.
what i mean is, that mall reaallyy needs to pay me! .)


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