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tomorrow i'll be you

thursday : kind of a highly addictive drug...
but i dont know which kind

and i am not sure if it keeps you high...

hearing the words they wrote down on a piece of paper, 
those words are not only ink.
they are the images...inside your own mind...
you start a trip into your own head 
while these words kept screamed.
thursday is a kind of telephaty. you'll see.
thursday makes you imagine.
you start to imagine!
thats the best thing that thursday does to you.
you start to imagine yourself living 
an alternative lifestyle sometimes,
you suddenly start to hear other desperate people screaming, too, from other races, from other cultures, from other religions...
in your dreams, in the streets, in your own house, by your side, 
or screaming like you, 
maybe with you in another parallel universe...
thursday makes you hear the whispers in the rain.

thursday is a dove, floating in the sky, 
diving itself without fear, 
shot but still concious, determined.
thursday is a stamp on my wrist.
thursday is all the things that i've always wanted to say, 
but i could've never said.
thursday is my fist that i'll keep it up high 
for all my life 
against anything that's forgotten and unfair.


since I replaced the I in live with an O,
I can't remember who you are...
...but tomorrow I'll be U.
just pick up the phone.
I'm calling from your house, in your room, in your name,
lying in your bed, following your dreams.
I listen to your voice
get caught in my throat
as I sing,
"This Is Just A Dream."
on New Year's Day,
we will change back to ourselves.
in the flame
we are cured.
we are cured.
we are cured.

thursday is a bomb, ready to fall onto your head.
when the bomb falls, and explodes, and images burst,
you'll find yourself lost in the images of 
nearly anything in your mind.
it'll be a chaos.
you'll see everyone screaming, doing weird stuff, 
then you'll see yourself from your own eyes.
when you really start to see these, 
you cant help yourself but want to hold some of these images 
with your hands, 
but they will be lost in a blink, 
so this is how you become addicted.

as i say, thursday is a highly addictive drug.


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