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those alexander wang boots that i crave since last year,
just found them in beymen designers on sale couple of days ago,
for a very reasonable price.
i'll be starving till the end of the month.
well, who needs too much meal anyways... i love showing off my skeleton.

i'll shoot an outfit as soon as i'll be in the mood for playin dressing up,
n of course i need a help from Michael's hands, too,
weather is too darn hot right now!
northern designs really arent that handy to wear
in a hot place like Istanbul,
i guess i'll just wait for the end of the august,
i dont want anyone in the streets to look at me like i commit a crime.


mango belt
alexander wang dakota boots
handfan that saves me nowadays

(where are my lady summer gloves, seriously?!)

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Eda Guler

ayakkabılar çok güzel! :)

Mandy B

Haha! I like this post. Your blog is so funny.

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