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keyword: silver


at last i recieved my asos purchases!
key word is simple: silver.
it was a glance i remember, 
the first time i saw that loafers.
could it be any better? a girl could need more?
hah, of course, sooo i bought a silver -matching- mini bag, too.
it reminds me of that iconic celine bag i adore...
oh, how beautiful these sales are!



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She's Dressing Up

Gorgeous shoes! <3


I adore the loafers, they are so chic <3

vintage process

Great pictures! I love it!!tie


sevgilin var mı senin


vardır mutlaka.

Everyone loves fashion

so lover your mini bag :) Besides, i love your blog design :) And yes.. that model is really cool and gorgeous :) She reminds me typical Australian or Californian girl, isn't she? Keep going! :)


sevgilin olmasa iyimiş


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