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found and lost. and found. then lost. then found. probably got lost again...


driving right inside to a black inn, i can feel it
no limit, i am driving to the farest place i could imagine
despite my blurry vision of sight...
i am falling from this higher place
as high as your head could ever be
this higher place is
physicly nothing more than a yellow and white
pretty low sidewalk
sometimes i'm tripping, trying walking drunk

can you hear,
sheeny guy singing,
telling me that, you see the world in black n white
he is right,
i got tired trying explain
that you could smile and my world would turn to a pink creamy one.
got tired pushing myself hard
but you could never think i'll stop where i used to smile.
life is fine, if you dont do it otherwise.

shimmery the guy singing,
telling me that, sky could fall, could fall on me
i am already feeling too much chemical of the sky, heavy on and over my shoulders
i thought i'd have some wings some time in life
flying with oxygen burning my chest clearly
but i've never thought you could possibly break them apart
and then light a cigarette and burn my chest with your carbonmonoxide

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