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i cant wait for the weekend to begin


this how i look behind my computer screen in weekdays.
since 2 weeks i've been working 6 days in a week, 12 hours a day...
as you can see, i have no time to do anything.
i wake up at 8, put something on (my clothes are still stayin packed since i moved, because there's no room for my stuff in here, i dont know what to do about it...) then go to work to be there at 9 am.
i work till 9 pm.
i get home about 9:30...then i eat, then i pass out...
this is how it is for now...
and i guess it wont change till september.

the weather is always grey and cold, i work like hell...
office personalities are religious...
architecture design is bad, ordinary...
there's noone to talk to, and no internet...
i stay silent for 12 hours and just sit and draw, draw and draw...
noone smokes, noone drinks tea nor coffee...
noone talks...
i have no time to be alone, too, when i get back home...
i have no time to time or mp3s to listen to music, i have no earphones and i have no time or money to buy them.
yes i am penniless...
no time to dress, and nowhere to go...
i keep carrying my laptop everyday. that's why now, i hate to be in front of a computer, especially my laptop...
next month we'll be in a different office, and it is further than the distance i take every morning, it has no open space to smoke...

it is hard.
but still...
i'm learning somethings about this cliche world of ''architecture''.
.......and i need fucking money.




this is what i just bought just before the day i started working.
i'll wear it tomorrow...for the first time. =)
my only holiday; deary lovely sunday.
friends are coming.
i guess i'll be a rock chick at weekends and be a lovely 'blazer' girl in weekdays.
coz this job really bores me.
and i feel that, chaos gushing out of my chest, tearing my skin!



please tell me fun stuff, i need to hear something fun!

half lace- half flower-patterned cotton top / denim co.

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you're sooooo hot my lively lovely sweet heart and i love you and i love you and love you and i'm loaded and feel like hank fuckin' moody. dont worry here is the our story: they lived happily ever after... i can't wait for the day we spend together. love


işte bu eğlenceli.
eski radyoshowları ve mixleri tara...



müzik olmayınca, yaşam da yok!




Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.


realistic point of view. =)


Komik bişeyler okumak istersen bu sayfanın çevirisini yaptır google'a...


"kalçalari bir havluyla kurularmisçasina salla ve yerdeki bir sigara izmaritini ezerek söndürürmüs gibi yap" (ekşi'den alıntıdır)

aklıma daha iyi bir anlatım gelmedi:D


tuç ya, YEM'deki çılgın Jürgen Mayer konserine gitmek istiyorum, hem de çoooooook. işten erken kaçabilirsem 'raise the roof'! ıptıs!
ayrıca o beatles şarkısına hastayım. tenks and şeyk şeyk şeyk sinyoraaaa!


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