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i designed a vest, a piece of it going around my neck, made of a piece of fabric which has blue flowers on it... the one that i've been lookin for for a long time. it looks so vintage, isn't it? 
i wish i hadn't lost it that day, i'd really like to keep it...

funny trivia by the way, while i was posing for the camera, one of professors came n asked me what i designed, n i showed him the vest which was on me at THAT moment. he looked up n said 'wow i thought it was your casual'... =) 

i think i always look that way that none of my friends ever recognize my clothes anymore... i dont know if it is good or bad. honestly i love to show off myself, so thats bad for me that noone really sees me anymore. 
what should i do? =) wear ugly or something =) really???? 
i love ugliness anyway.
there's nothing i can do about it i think.

i wish i had waxed my legs haha...
(with a piece of tulle designed by me) haute couture dress with casual jeans. enjoy!

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