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peter zumthor

''I believe that architecture today needs to reflect on the tasks and possibilities which are inherently its own. Architecture is not a vehicle or a symbol for things that do not belong to its essence. In a society that celebrates the inessential, architecture can put up a resistance, counteract the waste of forms and meanings, and speak its own language. I believe that the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific society. My buildings try to answer the questions that emerge from these simple facts as precisely and critically as they can.”
Peter Zumthor - Thinking Architecture

One of the greatest architectural mind of all times. 
The speech he gave, for the Museum Kolumba that he designed, was totally weird. i think he was trying to be a normal man in front of all those journalists and reverends. All he was talking about were feelings and feelings... Like he wants us to hug the walls =)
He seemed so excited to take the chance of a project like that.

He was talking about 'Bilbao affect' and he said something like that: 'i am doing architecture. architecture is about people, their environment, their culture'...
Listenin just few words of him is like a lecture... 

I am just confused about this 'fuck context' stuff...
i really try to understand what is going on...
so bad projects are on the way, and so damn good projects seems boring to some people...
regionalism is boring?
all those deans of architecture faculties around the world are saying different things about these.
Peter Zumthor was right about 'Bilbao affect' though.(i think for not to be a magazine news, he really is not sayin much words in the video, he just mensions it) 

somethings are changing and i really cant catch the world. 
for example what about generative art?
randomised autonomous processes...

i really even cant catch up the points of post modernism, bilbao affect, regionalism, maximalism, minimalism, expressionism, aesthetics, beauty, and are they stand for the term 'suitable' ??
what about vitrivius, what about venustas?

want to know everything about everyting. coz i feel stucked.
sometimes you listen to the people around you; the ignorant people then the enlightened ones. then you think they are both right about many things. then you try to think by yourself to pick the right pieces to make your way. but bam! you're stucked, bumped into a wall of terms, even cant spell some of them.

well the truth is, it has been a fucking long time since i ve read a book about architecture. like 2 months or something, i feel guilty about it, i dont know anything i am fuckin 4th grade student and i feel like i know nothing about architecture... it is weird coz i work so hard and i love working hard, and time after time i just see that i know nothing, maybe even less than yesterday.

my project presentation day is coming... i think i am nervous for that.
and i think i ll have my period in a few hours... and i think i am nervous for that, too...

for those who wanna watch the video here is the link. enjoyyy!

Peter Zumthor speaks about Museum Kolumba / Cologne / part 1/2

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