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Sustainable Love

Sustainable love
is that what i asked for?
What is true love
if we keep loving...
true is notsomething
keeps wailking...
its's just a thing; changing.
i never meant to leave you behind though
yet no
look, but i call you
to say 'i love you', 'what?'
'me, as much as you do, love...'

i come here everyday
watching you talking, giving your hard man orders away
deal with me, so we can shake hands.
i can blink my eyes for a second
then can smell your cologne
yeah i get around of you
i get around of you all day
squeezing you into that bathroom
that's waht i think about you

...but your girlfriend...
what i was meant to do anyway?
it's not easy, you see
to be the second one makes me dizzy
coz she hates me
yeah she fucking hates me!
wanna get around of you,
squeezing you into that bathroom
oh all i wanna do
do wash these dirt off my hands
wanna have some sweet talk darling
on that bench we sat yesterday...
like a story grandma used to tell
and fight about your girl maybe...
'come on one kiss wont mean anything'
'didn't it mean anything?'
'are we that strangers anymore?' it didnt!..
'no it never!'

nights are all alone
sleeping without you
dont know what i wanna do?
when she's standing, staring while we're moving...
('oh good lord, how can?')
'please dont kiss me goodnight'
close my eyes
i just wanna feel you
dont try to have my soul
coz she's staring and i'm not okay.

..and i know i'll let you
fuck her1 i hate her, too!

then you kissed me
fucking goodnight!

i hate your lovely honey yellow eyes now
oh thank you honey!
you fucked up my night!
you fucked up her life!

sustainable love
yeah i turned back to you...
'i love you honey'
i do
'dont be angry
i was busy
couldnt call you i am sorry
meet me tomorrow ok?'
i just lefted a little in yesterday
'what happened?'
'dont worry' no, no
i was just busy
dont worry 'i'll kiss you goodnight'...
'sure my
sustainable love'
i really fucked up your life
i really fucked it up...

i'll smoke over you;
both of you...

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